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Miss Conduct Dive Charters

Charter your dive (954) 815-9424 or email Captain Conrad

Schedule of Services

(Effective May 1st 2007)

  2-Tank Trip:


  3-Tank Trip:


  Full Boat Charter:

Call for Price

  1-Tank Night Dive:


  2-Tank Night Dive:


  Technical Dive:


Gear Rental

(Effective May 1st 2007)

  Tank (Air):

$10 per tank

  Tank (Nitrox):

$15 per tank





General Information

Bottom times are the responsibility of each diver. They should be calculated by tables and based on gas being used.

All divers must be qualified for the scheduled dives.

Technical divers are required to have a redundant air source and to carry enough gas to perform any decompression stops necessary. Miss Conduct Charters supplies no surface support.

Divemaster available upon request, call for availability and fees.

Cancellation Policy--48 hours prior to departure time. Cancellation due to weather conditions is at the discretion of the Captain, not the customer.

Charter your dive (954) 815-9424 or email Captain Conrad